atomic radius trends in the periodic table periodictabledraft15 gif what are the atomic radius trends what causes them periodic table trends 1 periodic table understanding the periodic table through the lens of the volatile group i metals after collecting large amounts of data generally accepted atomic radii are known for most elements in the periodic table atomic radii determine this way kbc lo 30 item 4 use the concepts of ettective nuciear charge shielding slide 1 periodic trends atomic and covalent radii lanthanide contraction in the periodic table atomic radius atomic and ionic radii trends among groups and periods of the periodic table the trend in atomic radii atomic size periodic table 2 svg electron affinity atomic radius defintion factors affecting trends in periods and groups 2 variation of atomic radius across period 3 periodic table trends the sizes of cations and anions follow similar trends to those of neutral atoms in general anions are larger than the corresponding neutral atom atomic radius variation in second period it decreases left to right periodic trends periodic trends atomic radius chart periodic trends atomic radius can you see that the elements with the smallest radii have the highest electronegativity values this is due to the absence or at least weak in the data given for group 13 there is an interesting deviation from the expected trend for atomic radius at first we might expect that an atom of ga