how to install stacked stone veneer progress shot cement board prep fireplace backer board best home interior fireplace makeover simplykierste com lining a fireplace how to install stacked stone veneer panels progress shot norstone fingerjoint corner panels installed cement board over brick fireplace img 8412 jpg gardner basement fireplace cement backer board use latex primer to cover set in stains and soot then we attached the backer board to the hearth and the surround again jeremy used the pat for a few spots and then also was able to use the hammer drill installing stone veneer on cement board installing stone veneer on cement board installing stone veneer on do it yourself stacked stone fireplace first layer of cement backer board in place in fireplace hearth 4 and here it is completed we took our time and spent one day each of three weekends not bad it looks great and we saved a bundle concrete fireplace installing stone veneer on cement board fireplace our diy fireplace installing the slate splite face tile the diy mommy enhance your home with a stone veneer fireplace stone veneer surrounding the fireplace cement board ing above ventless fireplace image1 jpg merola tile ledger panel black slate 7 in x 13 1 2 in smooth lining of fireplace how to install norstone s stone panel system after completion img 6649 rough up edges of stones determine where you want cement board installed fireplace mantel and put backerboard up in its place so it would support the weight of the stacked stone we were going to add tiling a fireplace surround attach stacked stone to outdoor fireplace i used non flammable tile backerboard for tile base notice the slate stone random pattern that i planned out installing a striking tile design around your fireplace is a great way to establish it as a focal point in your living room available in stone marble brick fireplace before cultured stone installation on cement board ease posts dclhs stone veneer a curb the best base for ceramic tile is waterproof cement board picture of how to build an indoor rock wall