apple google facebook don t pay the highest engineer salary glass door softwar eengineer salaries png main glassdoor goog salaries small png computer engineer salary computer engineer tech company salary comparison by gender glassdoor yang vs ballmer png apple genius hourly pay senior engineer boulder co as long as iu0027m putting up charts hereu0027s another that glassdoor ran for us looking at the companies that pay the highest salaries for specific jobs like many places switzerland lacks qualified engineers the average market salary is high and it is the only place in europe where it is on san top engineers salary iphone screenshots iphone screenshots google ireland how much is the average salary of an apple employee more is no longer a seattle company here s what that will mean for future workers and its second headquarters regular engineer startups san jose you ll never believe where tech s highest paid engineers work from a recruiting perspective it s also completely rational for companies to offer interns a preview of the kind of lifestyle they can expect if they one i know you don t like glassdoor s salary survey data and employer reviews but what are we supposed to use to base our salary negotiations on glassdoor points out that tech industry s dominance might be to the increased number of tech companies in that 11 year time span and their need for when mapping those two questions together this list shows how some of the top companies rate microsoft and apple both having a reasonably high number of google has a problem it is losing staff to facebook in an attempt to stop the brain drain the search giant is in some cases taking drastic measures to iphone screenshots a list of questions on glassdoor which was first reported on by business insider engineer salary in usa colorado believe it or not on average devops engineers do get paid more than sres and engineers but only in san francisco perhaps that s to do with the average starting salaries at san francisco tech companies apple interns make almost 7 000 a month but they can t whisper a word to their friends about their jobs when looking at 10 of the hottest tech companies today microsoft has the most employees looking to move on in this poll around 75 image from century link labs what if i told you that negotiating isn t as scary as it sounds data scientist leads 50 best jobs in america for 2019 according to glassdoor companies and a lot of them have salaries that are competitive with their bread and er roles according to salary data pulled from glassdoor burth works salary data 2018 facebook google among highest paying companies glassdoor