you can harvest arugula when leaves are about 4 inches long the seed pods forming on the still blooming flower stalk l young arugula seeds wild rocket quick view image titled plant arugula step 1 how to harvest arugula when to harvest arugula arugula baby organic how to harvest arugula so how to harvest arugula arugula plant growing white flowers wild rocket arugula arugula seed pods arugula image titled plant arugula step 2 how to harvest arugula how how do you harvest arugula seeds when to harvest arugula lettuce how to grow peas in container gardens how to grow arugula when to plant arugula arugula in cold frame planting arugula seeds in arugula bolting l in full flower c flower buds wild rocket arugula arugula roquette arugula roquette arugula roquette to sow the seeds plant them about 1 4 inch deep and 1 2 inch apart cover lightly with soil make sure that the rows are spaced 8 to 12 inches apart the terminal bed of a kale plant do not cut this is you want it it should be harvested before it flowers in fact after blooming the taste becomes overwhelmingly strong please note some people let the arugula bloom image titled plant arugula step 7 arugula greens photo by blueberryfiles photos in this hub belong to their respected owners and were made available through the creative commons previousnext usda organic i started arugula seeds just after the lettuce went in the hydro system the day i harvested the lettuces i cleaned the entire system with hydrogen i planted the arugula seeds that day in editor kathy jentz s community garden plot in the ground and in a raised pot i planted two longs rows in both spots growing arugula container vegetable garden arugula roquette arugula roquette how to harvest arugula harvest arugula seeds plant arugula seeds previousnext when is it too late to plant seeds outdoors get your timing right for foliage plants that look great and thrive in containers arugula roquette grazia arugula organic image titled plant arugula step 8 image 0