lettuce flowers are small and yellow and when they they turn into green thistle with a white fuzz similar to dandelions every seed will have a open the dry pods one by one and you will see how the seeds fall into the paper arugula enrico rao arugula apollo arugula thinning arugula seeds arugula seeds rocket heirloom open pollinated arugula seeds wild rocket heirloom open pollinated previousnext arugula arugula rocket italian cress arugula from our italian gourmet seed collection how to harvest arugula how how do you harvest arugula seeds when to harvest arugula lettuce 2018 400 arugula seeds ideal diy vegetable for cooking salad from novelty 1 26 24 dhgate com previousnext arugula bellezia seeds how to grow arugula seeds 24 hours later olivetta wild rocket arugula from our italian gourmet seed collection arugula picture of a packet of organic wild arugula seeds how to harvest arugula when to harvest arugula arugula baby organic how to harvest arugula so how to harvest arugula hands offering tomatoes i recommend you use scissors that way you will not lose any seeds as the thistles will open if you manipulate them too hard and the seeds will fly in the arugula arugula herb seed arugula the seed pods forming on the still blooming flower stalk l young basic arugula arugula transplants newly planted in the garden how to harvest arugula the on how to harvest 7 plant arugula seeds when to harvest arugula seeds arugula is easy to grow in warm weather or cool harvest baby leaves in three weeks pick leaves later for cooking with other greens arugula usda organic arugula leaves harvested in basket arugula dragons tongue sylvetta arugula how to grow arugula in pots or in your garden planting your arugula remove the fuzz and let the seeds fall into the paper lettuce seeds are small oval and grayish if you have any thistles that are not dry yet they will i started arugula seeds just after the lettuce went in the hydro system the day i harvested the lettuces i cleaned the entire system with hydrogen