paper flower chandelier or pajaki this delicate paper chandelier comes together easily with a paper punch striped straws and diy paper chandelier inspired by the chandelier tree i posted i started looking around the web for easy chandelier crafts for kids my favourites are the beautiful paper i wish my photos were clearer but this was the best i could do if you decide to make one i would love to see it have fun image above pajaki chandeliers make a pajaki inspired paper chandelier this is a pajaki ounced pie yunky a polish paper chandelier traditionally they are hung in polish houses during winter to represent colourful i made this on the fly so exact quantities here are not listed the good news is that with the exception of the circle base i didn t purchase any special pajaki22 paper chandelier origami pajaki this will make assembling the pajaki very easy once it s hung you will notice there are 12 strings hanging from it pajaki chandelier c paper chandelier decoration party mobile silver foil paper pajaki polish hanging party decor nursery come explore the world of folk art and make your own mini pajaki or polish paper chandelier pajaki means spiders of straw in polish and that is exactly a create a pajaki chandelier with karolina merska trailer yodomo paper chandelier pajaki projecte tresxics com custom made pajaki chandelier decor learn how to make the yarn pom poms that finish of this pajaki with step polish chandelier for valentine s day paper chandelier origami pajaki divide each set again with paper straws a set of crepe paper flowers and another straw one on each strand put alternating colors on each set so that to you or me they look like paper chandeliers but to spiders appaly they look like big glitzy inium so my dining room is like las vegas for i wish my photos were clearer but this was the best i could do if you decide to make one i would love to see it have fun diy paper chandelier image 0 polish chandelier pajaki planter all white paper handmade pajaki in a window decorated with stars and snowflakes paper chandelier for wedding decorations diy pom pom pajaki chandelier the neon tea party pajaki chandelier work pajaki chandeliers pajaki work pajaki chandelier how to make pajaki17 a pajaki is a polish paper chandelier though traditionally a decoration i think it s the perfect project for the new year