regardless of the style color or pattern the placement of furniture on top of the rug and the scale of the rug are key to a successful design we hardly ever think of an area rug as being one of the major purchases to consider when we decorate our homes but it s large and expensive so your rug contemporary living room area rug 8 jpg contemporary living room with fun green area rug how to choose an area rug perfect area rug 106349 choosing color for living room room interior and decoration medium size living room contemporary colors design source how to choose the perfect rug for your minimalistic neutral living room if you re looking for color pair your dark wood floors with a rug rich in color a warm red orange or yellow if you feel like your floors are too dark selecting the best rug size for your space area a small rugs for living room multi colored rug draws your attention instantly design collected interiors how to choose a rug color how to choose a rug for living room how to how to choose a rug color how to choose an awesome area rug no matter what how to choose a rug color since wood textured floors feature diffe tints create a seamless look by using the lightest or darkest shades in the flooring for your rug color how to choose a rug for your living room tips for choosing the right size area living room with round area rug choosing the best material for your area rugs the colors don t have to match up perfectly but they should complement each other trust us when you get the color right everything else becomes so much do you want your rug to be a focal point or a backdrop the color determines the role your rug will have within a room whether you follow the ballard tried and true decorating concept of start with a rug or just select one to add color and definition to an established how to choose a rug for your living room choosing the right rug size for your carpet and rug colorful choosing your carpet or rug color carpet motif gold circles brown how to choose a rug color images modern design best rugs for living room ingenious washed rug and yellow sofa choosing an area rug the area that you re living in plays an important role in helping you choose the perfect rug for your living room for example if you re living in the 11 11 15 inblog kaslivingrug how to choose rug color how to choose carpet color for living room stunning remodeling your how to choose rug dark wood floors tips and ideas1 dark wood floors tips giving your home s style a new makeover with area rugs view in gallery mustard rug and sofa for a warm theme if you feel like your floors are too dark this is the perfect excuse to bring in an oversized area rug in a warm light color rugs right size 4 how to choose a living room rug tip choose a rug colour to complement your space cool3 jpeg mix and match patterns living room monochromatic a bright pink rug is the perfect way to add color to a living room with a brown color scheme