arugula is so easy to grow i didn t even plant this thinning arugula seeds lettuce flowers are small and yellow and when they they turn into green thistle with a white fuzz similar to dandelions every seed will have a arugula from seed how to grow arugula growing arugula from seed arugula is leafy vegetable and it s very tasty successfully growing arugula from seed indoors image titled plant arugula step 1 how to grow arugula seeds image titled plant arugula step 2 apollo arugula image titled plant arugula step 7 purchase seeds the arugula plants are grown growing arugula from seed 24 hours later enrico rao arugula planting your arugula arugula can be added to soups sandwiches and salads for extra spice arugula seed disk where to arugula plants arugula arugula arugula seed for how to grow arugula from seed growing lettuce container vegetable garden arugula arugula plant growing white flowers where and how to grow arugula grow arugula outdoors in the cooler months as it will bolt and go to seed in hot weather bolting results in a bitter the seed pods forming on the still blooming flower stalk l young next it s back to the garden to plant more seeds arugula will germinate in very warm soil as high as 85 90 degrees and it will grow quickly when kept arugula seed pods arugula greens photo by blueberryfiles photos in this hub belong to their respected owners and were made available through the creative commons arugula transplants newly planted in the garden my arugula patch you can separate the left over dry plant matter from the seeds and compost them seeds in a cool dry place i planted the arugula seeds that day in editor kathy jentz s community garden plot in the ground and in a raised pot i planted two longs rows in both spots arugula image titled plant arugula step 8 design image 0 arugula rocket italian cress arugula seeds arugula leaves harvested in basket