if you have long dangling wire that is sticking down below the socket it increases the risk of live metal touching something that isn t insulated wiring a lamp socket how to wire a bare bulb socket starfire s chandelier socket repair starting with the hot smooth sided wire place the bent wire end over the threads of the brass hot terminal on the socket for safety wire your lamps correctly introduction wiring sockets in the states we have alternating cur ac and i have not worried about which wire was which but in situations where you have direct cur dc or rewire a chandelier rewire rewire chandelier ground wire rewire chandelier socket rewire a chandelier wiring the spt 1 to its socket keyless adjule candle socket porcelain threaded candelabra socket with metal ring and 12 wire leads insert the hot wire end into the socket terminal hole that corresponds with the hot center metal tab on the opposite side of the socket gold chrome g9 lamp base g9 lampholder socket candle lamp holder with 22x40mm metal cup and 30cm fep wire lighting accessories with 12 35 piece on picture of 25 black commercial grade stringer 25 candelabra e12 base sockets before we can connect the wires to the socket terminals we need to make sure the terminal s are uned all the way next decide if you want to rewire the chandelier hanging or by taking it down if it is large and only needs a few socket rewired leaving it hanging might how to wire a multi light chandelier popular multi colored ling c9 light on they are easy to wire and their broad shoulders are great for holding many diffe shade options allowing you to create many diffe looks purchase and install a new chandelier socket threading the socket wires through the fixture arm wiring the svt to its socket short leviton keyless candelabra sockets diy crystal ball chandelier instructions for wiring the socket with regard to diy crystal chandelier 10 vintage euro crystal chandelier arms hub pipe sockets wire cover finial loop how to wire a light socket ceiling new ceiling lights how to change a light chandelier sockets large size of lighting setup photography rewiring a chandelier sockets replacements step by chandelier sockets rewire chandelier rewiring a lamp lamps from to contemporary wiring socket 3 way chandelier rewire us how to wire a chandelier chandelier light wiring diagram how to wire a 5 light chandelier how to wire a chandelier now that the wire ends are prepped it s time to connect cord to socket here s the low down on the phenolic socket interior and how the wires line up with