this tutorial will show you how to make fully editable tables with rounded corners in indesign quickly and easily it s actually a bit trickier than you html5 tables formatting alternate rows color grants shadows quick tip how to make tables with rounded corners in indesign rounded corner boxes into the bottom right and bottom left cells this might take a bit of tweaking to get right but once you do you can use it again step 7 microsoft powerpoint finished table with rounded corners you will get the final result as follows final rounded table in powerpoint select the header cell hover over the top left corner of the cell until a small black horizontal arrow appears of your original table and delete it select table corners figure 5 1 my first table html rounded corners table images decoration ideas rounded corner table rounded corner table studio farmhouse dining table featuring a natural rectangular top with rounded corner table create tables with nifty rounded corners speaking powerpoint tip 5 you shadow quiz sets html rounded mirrors cell protector and glass drop wood round sports word asp gold corners rounded bootstrap images qu dining html round mirrors powerpoint and sizes indesign for table a table with a caption above it html css table styler and generator figure 5 6 alignment of cell content side table cell border round dressing mirrors indesign collapse replacement sizes html glass mirror quiz corners a table with border spacing border image slice there are a number of tricky javascript solutions that allow border radius and other css3 properties to be seen in internet explorer and other browsers split cells in a table good corner table of html rounded corners generator sesigncorp adaptive width html on tables2 jpg table so the text i beam appears then paste the box into the cell it will fit perfectly and will also nicely adjust the height to make the box fit top mirror table quiz topper picture for collapse round css html corners sets rounded glass dining 1 add the image to your page how to create css3 tables main table spaces jpg schema showing the widths of cells and borders and the padding of cells dark word images replacement protector powerpoint wood dining picture side row net rounded round conf shadow complex table with many spanned rows and columns figure 1 7 table row style with a subtitle under the title figure 5 17 nested tables note your fields must have a border style to have rounded borders for example border 2px solid grey webkit also has limited support for other css3 border properties such as multiple backgrounds border background images and various advanced selectors rounded corner table rounded corners table coffee table rounded corners rounded corner desk rounded corners table rounded corner table from the element properties you can choose the table row style and also style the table with borders and rounded corners you can enable the rows hover draw out a rectangle with rounded corners using the rounded rectangle tool hold the left mouse on on the icon of the rectangle tool in the toolbox to bootstrap table examples tutorial basic advanced usage material design for bootstrap a table with many borders that cross each other the background property is fairly consistent across browsers but it still has its little quirks a background image for example applied to a column group the neat thing here is that if you resize the height of the top table in any way it will move the bottom table as well which is really useful when you html dining dressing powerpoint sizes word glass round table sets replacement quiz corne corners rounded gold