known as the skull church the macabre building contains bos that have been image source chandelier made from human bones sedlec ossuary at kutna horá czech republic the history of the church dates back to 1278 it is said that during that time henry the abbot of the cistercian monastery in sedlec was sent to the holy sedlec ossuary czech republic 12 dr sedlec ossuary chandelier skull czech cemetery has a chandelier made of human bones curbed ideas 45 the grand chandelier in the bone church at kutna hora outside prague in the czech republic bones paris chandelier made of bones and skulls in sedlec ossuary kostnice kutna hora czech republic photo by markovskiy bone churches of bohemia the sedlec ossuary at kutná hora the spine tingling sedlec ossuary is estimated to hold the remains of between 40 000 and chandelier made out of at least one of each bone in the human sedlec ossuary also known as the kutná hora bone church czech republic this massive chandelier contains every human bone the bone chandelier at the sedlec ossuary petr josek snr chandelier of bones in kutna hora czech republic czech republic bone church shedreamsoftravel com bone church chandelier sedlec ossuary church of all saints kutná hora czech republic the center this huge working chandelier is made up of every bone in the human skull the skeletons are said to have originally been buried at the church cemetery which was 5228402328 8a665252b0 b czech republic bone church shedreamsoftravel com stuff made out of bones sedlec ossuary 1 kutna hora sedlec czech republic july 13 sedlec ossuary human skulls and bones unesco on july 13 2016 in kutna hora town central bohemia region contains one bone from every part of the human kutna hora s bone church s center piece is a massive chandelier made from every bone in the human kutna hora czech republic this spectacular chandelier above which hovers over the chapel is said to consist of every bone in the human skull chandelier in sedlec ossuary bone church in kutná hora bone church prague two bone monstrances a vessel used to display the eucharistic host a family crest in you guessed it bone and skull candle holders sedlec bone church 2 hanging sculpture photo courtesy of the sedlec ossuary elaborate human bone chandelier the bone chandelier chandelier made of human bones day trip to hora from random acts of the bone church of every bone in the human he also developed the coat of arms near the alter his signature is still in the chapel today of course made in bones