decoupaged recipes kitchen counter makeover restoring ethel diy map countertops applying coat of mod podge on kitchen counter thriftyrebelvintage com decoupage your ugly kitchen counters don t worry pics 2 3 aren t mine lol decoupaged recipes kitchen counter makeover decoupaged recipes kitchen counter makeover here is what i did i didn t bother taking any of the old painted surface off that was already on there other than to sand the areas that my old paint job penny countertop horizontal decoupaging recipes on kitchen counter painting countertops decoupaged recipes kitchen counter makeover trashed booth dinette before after sink so in the mean time i have done some investigating on other blogs to see what people were doing for a top coat in doing so i came to this conclusion decoupaged recipes kitchen counter makeover how to make a penny countertop we can just cover them up with some nice paper and mod podge mp is a glue but also a sealer so we ll put it on decoupaged recipes kitchen counter makeover penny countertop first if you need to remove old paint layers start by looking at evette s post regarding stripping old paint once you re down to the piece s bare bones 13 mod podge table ideas you ll love 12 unique countertop ideas you ve got to see to believe picture of penny countertop functional art once the paper was set and the mod podge dry i was ready to apply another coat of mod podge this time directly onto the paper to seal it i actually along step 3 you will need make up sponges and gloss mod podge essentially watered down glue the makeup sponges give the cleanest and most streak free look decoupaged recipes kitchen counter makeover the how to refinish a dining table with fabric mod podge and resin counter top when this insider secrets for sealing and removing stains on granite counters mod podge kitchen table mod kitchen table image 2 views kitchenaid mixer attachments finished countertop easy camper table remodel decoupauge 3 a refurbished desk using the technique of decoupage medium mod podge add several layers to raise the thickness and then tack your lights to the side your lights should glow throughout the bar top and highlight the homemade tile coasters made with mod podge how i stained sealed my butcher block countertops 15 comic book crafts using mod podge