same countertop after finishing with faux granite paint ci rustoleum countertop painted black after s4x3 painted kitchen countertops finished countertop ci giani painted countertop step2 dab s4x3 amazing sponge design paint for kitchen countertops how to paint your countertops to look like granite each of the three counter tops my mom completed has a diffe look and they all look great the overall process takes a while faux granite countertops in 8 easy steps up next is painting the kitchen floors and installing the backsplash we also need to repaint that door you see which leads to a laundry room to match the using special countertop paint to paint plastic laminate countertops diy faux marble countertops how to paint a laminate countertop the biggest sponge and use the last color to go over the counters until you get the desired look i did a combination of bounce sponging and dragging to painting countertops to look like grainte jpg sponging on mineral paint painting a formica countertop diy faux granite finish for kitchen countertops 4 complete oil based color kits to choose from view in gallery how to paint kitchen countertops using a countertop kit american country style interior with delleydew faux granite top cabinet single bowl oval sinks and sponge painted countertops i chalk painted my bathroom countertops i actually love my chalk paint laminate countertops painting countertops kitchen painting kitchen faux granite kitchen faux kitchen painting kitchen countertops to look like marble step three was applying a finish coat laine recommends applying 2 3 coats of oil based polyurethane she typically uses a satin finish because she feels giani granite countertops picture of gather your materials i painted my kitchen counters i m sure most of you have seen these white and gold laminate counters at some point or another just probably not in the last decade or two dark wood kitchen painted countertops painted countertops giani granite paint kit for rv countertops painted countertops 5 totally transform old laminate countertops to look like granite only faux painting kitchen countertops ci giani painted countertop before s4x3