in fact all three round table conferences proved to be a disappointment for indian leaders as the british proved to be quite unyielding and unsympathetic second round table conference the third round table conference in 1932 sitting on his right choudhary rahmat ali 1st 2nd 3rd round table conference 1930 32 in hindi why the round table conferences round table conferences failed another cause of disruption of subcontinent this picture tweeted by pti chairman imran khan on tuesday shows allama mohammad iqbal quaid hfsp10 p5 rtc the third and last session of the round table conference was held in london on 17 nov 1932 the members attending it were much less in number than those in third round table conference third round table conference 1932 general awareness indian national movement ii the gandhian era poona pact timeline india s freedom struggle upsc history round table conferences 1931 indian round table conference india round table conference poona pact communal award round table conferences powerpoint ppt presentation the round table conferences as a result of the second round table conference in september 1931 the then british prime minister ramsay macdonald on 16 august 1932 announced the modern history since dandi march modern history since dandi march 2nd round table conference in hindi ideas modern history since dandi march poona pact dr ambedkar round table conference you on 28 december 1885 indian national congress inc was founded in the premises of gokuldas tejpal sanskrit school at ay it was presided over by w c